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March 22nd Interview with President Spencer

President Clayton Spencer’s return to WRBC airwaves, as interviewed by Alfred Russo ’15 and Jordana Gluckow ’16 to answer a variety questions on the direction of the institution, and some less arduous ones as well.

Questions Posed:

What’s your favorite and least favorite part about Bates?

If you could magically change one thing about Bates what would it be?

How does the opinion of the student body impact your decision-making process?

Do you think that the senior gift is a referendum on the Bates experience and the direction of the institution?

When enough space becomes available does the college plan on eliminating the option for students to live off campus?

Batesies have long contended that the college’s strongest asset is the people that make up this community. With that in mind, how does personnel restructuring intersect with that value?

What’s your favorite food at Commons or the Den?

With the prioritization of new initiatives like Purposeful Work, how is the college tackling other longstanding issues like the upcoming retirement of a significant amount of faculty or the fact that some courses are frequently overenrolled?

Where is your favorite place to hangout at Bates?

Does the college plan to create much needed parking? Can you comment on the Lewiston ordinance that requires Bates students/faculty/staff to park on campus despite the city’s inability to legally bar anyone from properly parking on a public street?

Is the college making a concerted effort to improve community relations. If so, how?

When was the last time you got a speeding ticket?

Do you plan on reforming the disciplinary system that students undergo which is currently a three strike policy?

Since we are now under a new student government leadership and system, what do you see as the ideal relationship between the administration and the student government?

Since your last interview with WRBC two years ago, what has been your most valuable contribution to Bates College?

What’s up with Tay-Tay

Guest Post by Sarah ‘Flo’ Fusco

swiftThere’s a good 37% of America that thinks our girl Taylor isn’t trendy. Let’s get one thing straight, she is. Whether you’re the person online shopping for pair of lenses from Warby’s just to be able to #LookTaylorYouBelongWithMe, or the anti-fan screaming “she’s so overrated” from the backseat (why you got to be so mean, bae?), we’re all buzzing about her new album 1989.

Thus, trendy.

The lady is crazy. We know that. She knows that. It’s what makes her a genius. Blank Space is going viral as the world listens to her admit that she counts her exes instead of sheep when falling asleep at night. Google is getting exhausted from all the searches wondering who is this “Sean” she violently scratches out of the birch tree. Sean probably heard Taylor’s first single drop and thought it was a hint that she was going to shake it off. It’s a mystery but her message remains clear: a cake lost blood for him. Decode that as you wish. Rest in peace, cake.

Rumor has it (shout out to Adele) that five out of her thirteen songs were written about Harry Styles. That James Dean thing has her hooked, but if we’re being honest, he could use a solid haircut these days, slicked back only goes so far. Let’s give Harry a standing O for being the muse to her first pop album. Allow him a proper bow, he took one for the team. Jake Gyllenhaal and Johnny boy are wiping the sweat off their forehead now. They got away this time around, but I wouldn’t get too comfortable. It’s only a matter of time before she performs Metallica all up in their grill. I’ll shoot them a text later.

For now, farewell and cool runnings. Be fearless. And when the guy of your dreams still doesn’t come knocking on your door at two in the morning, soaked in rain, holding a candle and a fist full of pebbles left over from the window – well, you can still try to be fearless. Live and let live.

Live large and sparkle.

Music suggestions from the WRBC board…

2014 has brought a plethora of new music for the WRBC DJs to choose from. DJ Iapetus has taken the time to list his favorite albums that have been released thus far this year.
  1. Everything Will be Alright in the End -Weezer

Weezer has suffered lean years after the release of 1996’s classic Pinkerton, but have come roaring back in full force. While reviving the sound of The Blue Album with modern elements on songs like “Cleopatra” and breaking new ground on the funky “I’ve Had It Up to Here” Rivers Cuomo has written an album not only worthy of being compared to their first two records but equal in terms of creativity, emotion and musicality.

  1. Lazaretto – Jack White

Jack White’s second solo album packs every second of song with nuggets of sonic goodness. White turned inward to create his most bombastic album, from the strut of opener “Three Women” to the guitar and vocal histrionics of “That Black Bat Licorice.” The protagonists of White’s songs fight back against isolation, fears, and entitlement with the same bite and vigor as the music.

  1. Tied to A Star – J Mascis

Typically known for his bruising guitar work in Dinosaur Jr., Mascis’ solo effort has him as comfortable on acoustic as on electric. Standout tracks like “Every Morning” balance beautiful acoustics with soaring solos on the Jazzmaster.

  1. Brill Bruisers- the New Pornographers

The veteran indie supergroup’s first album since 2010 is a mix of sharp songwriting and soaring melodies. Attacking the songs with the same uplifting harmonies of their classic sound and new arpeggiators and synthesizers, the sound is both futuristic and nostalgic.

  1. Range of Light – S. Carey

Range of Light is a perfect soundtrack for a tranquil day in the woods. The Bon Iver member melds field recordings with keyboards and guitars that match the sense of space and beauty of standing alone in a field on a winter’s day.

  1. El Pintor-Interpol

Interpol’s most recent effort fuse’s the sounds of the their debut with a vigor and energy lacking from some of their more recent work. Songs such as ‘All the Rage Back Home’ capture the attitude present on this record.

  1. Morning Phase – Beck

Morning Phase marks a return to his country troubadour aesthetic from Sea Change. While Sea Change focused on heartbreak, Morning Phase’s lush strings and acoustic guitars are more akin to a low key chill out on a California beach.

  1. Lighght – Kishi Bashi

Kishi Bashi’s sophomore effort is a playful excursion in songcrafting. The jumping vocal melodies complement the bouncing synthesizers and soaring violins especially on single ‘Mr. Steak’ and the epic ‘In Fantasia.’

  1. They Want My Soul – Spoon

Spoon’s remarkable consistency has produced another great album. They Want My Soul is catchy and full of fun instrumentation throughout its 37 minutes and includes standout tracks such as “Rainy Taxi” and “Do You.”

10.  Atlas- Real Estate

Real Estate’s third record brings maturation to their lyrics and fleshes out even more melodic surf melodies. Tracks such as ‘Crime’ and ‘Talking Backwards’ are perfect examples of tunes that sound like they were plucked from the beach.

Missed the Open Forum on Student Life? Here’s a recording.

Audio Recording from the Open Forum on Student Life:

Forum 10/21

October 21st at 7:00 PM. For continuing coverage please visit the Bates Student website at
Note: The recording begins at the conclusion of an opening statement reflecting the desires  of a large group of Bates students delivered by Patrick Tolosky ’15.

Coming Soon: The Fall 2014 Schedule!!!

This past Wednesday (9/10) was the Fall General Meeting, if you missed it you can still apply for a show with the application posted here.

WRBC Application Fall 2014

Reminder: All applications are due to the back door of the station (31 Frye Street across the street from The Ronj) by Friday 9/12 at 4PM! 

The schedule will be posted Sunday evening/night here, and via email, and will go into effect starting at 12:00:00 AM Monday, September 15th 2014.

Please direct any questions or concerns at Programming Director, Linnea Brotz (

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 1.18.48 PM

Peace, Love and WRBC.

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